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1898 Chinese Imperial Post Stamps Sold for $2550 in eBay

For Chinese Imperial Post Stamps collectors, eBay must be a bit of a fray this weekend when one of the most coveted Chinese Imperial Post stamps was up for grab. A block of 4 of the $5 China stamps were listed on the 1st of May 2016 and ended today, 8th of May 2016.

Although the seller listed the stamps as the 1897 ‘first imperial’ issue (lithographed in Japan), I think they are in fact the 1898 ‘second imperial’ issue (engraved by Waterlow & Sons, London). Both of these issues are rare to find in mint condition, not to mention in a block of 4. The seller did not mention the watermark on these stamps so they could possibly be the 1902-03 issue as well – which has similar design as the second issue.

Sixty-six bids went for the stamps and finished at a final price of $2,550.10!

Chinese imperial post stamps

Congratulation to the lucky winner!

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