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Australia Strait Settlement Torres Stamps

Australia Strait Settlement Torres Stamps

In 1879, the Illustriertes Briefmarken Journal reported a series of stamps purporting to be issued for a service between Singapore and Australia, via the Torres Straits.

The inscriptions read AUSTRALIA. STRAIT SETTLEMENT.  TORRES and the values. In the centre are two mountains, the front mountain bearing a pole and a huge Union Jack flag – almost as big as the mountain itself.

The stamps are lithographed on white wove paper, perforated 11. Six values are recorded: 2¢ (brown), 4¢ (blue), 8¢ (orange), 16¢ (green), 24¢ (violet) and 36¢ (carmine).

These Australia Strait Settlement Torres stamps, although a classic bogus or Cinderella stamps, remain collectible among the Malaya and Australia enthusiasts.

A set of six stamps may even be auctioned in some big auction houses such as Grosvenor Auctions which listed them under the ex-Jim Czyl collection with estimate value of £150-200. Even in eBay they are not easy and cheap to acquire.

For those unfamiliar with Australia geography (as do I), Torres Strait is a strait that lies between Australia and the Melanesian island of New Guinea.

Australia Strait Settlement Torres Stamps

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