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What is the average age of Stamp Collectors?

Many years ago, I posed the question in a Stamp Forum (Stampboards.com) about the average age of stamp collectors in general. Glen Stephens the admin and owner of the forum encouraged the readers to vote and as a result we got more than 300 inputs from collectors all over the world.

Based on the inputs of 300 strong stamp collectors, I have drawn a graph above to better visualise the average age of stamp collectors worldwide.

Based on the poll, the mean average age of stamp collectors is in the range of 45-54 at 25%. This is usually the stage whereby finances and job are the most stable.

Eighty percent of stamp collectors are >35 years of age – again all associated with a better and stable finance to keep the hobby going.


There was only 1 respondent in the <15 years group (0%) which I find unusually low because we know that many kids are collecting stamps as a fun hobby – as did I. The reason for this is probably because only the serious collectors would bother to join a more specialised forum such as Stampboard.

Nonetheless, the result was interesting enough. The next task would be to know the proportion of male vs female collectors. There is very little doubt that collecting stamps is predominantly male but to know the figure would be as interesting.

average age of stamp collectors


You may still cast your vote and add to the data here.


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