GPO Sarawak postmark on post-war cover I’ve stumbled upon this curious GPO Sarawak handstamp mark in eBay after years of not seeing one. The last one I saw was from many years ago on a cover similarly franked with the stamps from the 1947 issues. Unfortunately, I don’t have a picture of that cover saved.

see This one was sold in eBay mid-June 2016 and ended at a final price of US$51.21 after 9 bids. The violet-ink handstamp was applied on the top right corner on a cover addressed to USA. There was no markings at the back. The cover is franked with various Sarawak stamps from the 1947 issues (1¢-4¢) and tied by Proud’s D31/32 postmarks.

go here I could not find any mention of this handstamp mark either in the Sarawak handbook by Forrester Wood or Proud’s book on the postal history of British Borneo.

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ücretsiz forex oyna Perhaps someone may be able to shed some light? Comments appreciated!

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