North Borneo Cover with Silam Postmark sold for US$1,225!

North Borneo 1897 Cover with Silam Postmark sold for US$1,225!


This nice and decidedly rare North Borneo cover to Holland was listed in eBay on 17 April 2016 with an opening bid of US$ 149.99. After 11 bids it ended with a final price of US$1,225. Congratulations to the winner.


The cover is franked with North Borneo stamp (SG88) 10¢ surcharge on $1 stamp. The 10¢ rate is consistent with the UPU rate for non-registered cover at that time (registered letter costs additional 8¢). The cover reached its destination in Holland on the 16.03.1897 having been sent from North Borneo on the 04.02.1897 (as per faint Sandakan mark at the back).



Find out more about the rare Silam Postmark.

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